How To Get The Full Internet In China Using VPN

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VPN In China

I am writing this blog post on my Google Chromebook from Guilin, China. We all know Google and China do not see eye to eye. So taking my Chromebook (a completely internet based device running Google's Chrome OS and relying heavily on Google services) to China was a bit of a risk. In addition this blog is hosted by Blogger (a Google Service) and has been blocked in the country since 2009. 

VPN Is The Key

My original plan was to use the Chrome Remote Desktop extension to remotely connect to my UK computer. However this would require leaving it on for the duration of my trip. Also if anything went wrong it would not be easy for me to get someone to fix the issue. As it is vital for my work that I have constant contact with the outside world I decided last minute to use a VPN service (also known as a Virtual Private Network).

Searching Google there are lots of VPN services that promise that they can break through the 'Great Firewall of China'. Reading reviews of these services only one seemed to get constantly great reviews. The VPN service I picked was Hong Kong based Panda Pow. At $5 for a month use on an unlimited amount of devices is a fantastic deal.

Panda Pow VPN

Signing up for the service was easy with many options for payments. Getting the service working on Windows or Mac is simple with a downloadable installer which makes all the changes required to your system. Android was a bit more fiddly in my experience. My Galaxy Nexus is running the latest version of Jelly Bean which does not have one button set-up support provided in the Panda Pow app. However the Panda Pow website has a easy to follow walk through for setting up Jelly Bean devices.

I had a bit of trouble getting my Chromebook working, but Customer Services where superb and just one hour after my initial request for help they had emailed me back with a solution.

Panda Pow VPN service has a high level of security. Promising unrestricted and anonymous browsing. With many ways to connect to their US and UK based servers using L2TP/IPSec. I got a fast and secure experience. 


Based on the great experience I am having with Panda Pow VPN I will use them on my future visits to China. However, I will be keeping an eye on the internet to see what people are recommending nearer the time of future visits as the government is known to clamp down at random on VPN services every now and then.

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