New Google Calendar events will now have a Hangout video call link

New calendar events will now have a Hangouts video call link added automatically to save time and reduce last minute confusion and delays when event creators forget to add a Hangouts link. Additionally, you can add names to your Hangouts video links to make it easier for everyone to join the video call.

Please note the following: 

  • Hangout video calls are only added if the event creator has an active Google+ profile.
  • Admins can disable this feature through the calendar settings page in the Admin console. Users will still be able to add or remove Hangouts video call links from events, but will not be able to set their own defaults.
  • The Admin console setting is launched to both Rapid and Scheduled release domains but it only affects users in Rapid release domains. Scheduled release domain admins have at least two weeks to test this feature before it launches to their end users.

Release track:
Rapid release

Editions included: 
Google Apps for Business and Education

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