Admins can now more easily exclude email drafts from searches in Google Vault. Simply check the Exclude drafts checkbox in the search panel to exclude draft emails from your search.

To search for data within a matter:

  1. Click a matter name.
  2. Click Search in the left pane. You'll see the fields you can search:

  3. Choose a Source:
    • All data: Search all data in your organization's Google Apps account.
    • Held data: Search all data on litigation hold for the matter.
    • Unprocessed data: Search the metadata of attachments that were not indexed.
  4. Choose a Search method:
    • Accounts: Search all licensed (active and suspended) Vault users in the domain, or specific users. Leave blank to search the entire domain, or enter up to 500 accounts. 
    • Organization: If you have organizational units (OU) configured, search within a specific OU. If you choose an OU with sub-OUs, all the sub-OUs will be searched.
  5. Optionally specify a Sent date range.
  6. Optionally, in Terms, specify one or more search terms. Use search operators for complex searches.

    Note: Vault can only process date range and/or term searches for 110,000 accounts. If you have more than 110,000 accounts in your domain, limit the number of accounts to be searched by using the Accounts field.
  7. Optionally select Exclude drafts to exclude email drafts from this search.
  8. Click Search.